• 20189月13日

    Aviation Anime “Sora no Oshigoto” Official Website

    Aviation Anime “Sora no Oshigoto” Official Website



A story of youth that takes place in the vast, blue skies!

◎ The drama of young girls who attend a flight training school

The story takes place in the near future in a world, where a flight-training course is established in a civilian high school located next to an Air Self-Defense Force base.

An all-girls school is where the story is set.

Through the eyes of the main character, the story carefully depicts how the girls work and train to realize their dreams.

◎ Depicting the realistic struggles and also the gentle everyday lives of girls who aspire to become pilots

The story takes place in the dormitory of a boarding flight training school.

In this world there is a specific district were students can become pilots without having to take the standard path of enrolling in the Defense Academy or becoming an Aviation Cadet.

In this school, students pursue their careers through taking part in various curriculums.

They choose to become pilots, mechanics, or helicopter pilots, and this story tells the future awaits them.

◎ The story also sets sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics there was an aerobatic performance by the Blue Impulse team. The girls in the story train hard and also dream of being able to display a similar performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

◎ Realistic depictions of fighter aircrafts

With the help of the Ministry of Defense, realistic details of aircrafts such as the engine sound, recoiling of landing gear suspensions, and preflight checks by pilots are illustrated.